Saturday, January 5, 2008

Going up?

We had a new electrical line run down to the barn last month. I looked out the window and every truck owned by our small electrical co-op was on our road. I felt very important.

I could tell what the other guys were doing, they were next to poles. But what the heck is this guy doing?
Umm, sir? There are no poles there in the middle of the road. Are you planning on harvesting some solar power or something?
Yeah, up up and away. You seem to be climbing the stairway to heaven.
Oh. Who knew that crazy contraption also moves left to right, not just up and down. Chalk this one up to my utter lack of knowledge about machines. And physics. And heights. And men in hard hats.
Yeah, you go big dawg! Oh, please add this to the list of jobs that not even Bill Gates or Warren Buffet have enough money to pay me to do. NEVAH. EVAH. Are we clear on this?

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