Saturday, January 12, 2008

Basketball blues

These three kids play basketball.

William plays guard

Harrison plays post

Ella plays wing on offense and point on defense

Saturday they each had a game. I wish I could say that they all won. Unfortunately it was kind of a heart breaker for the boys. Harrison lost by 3 and William lost by 4. William's game even went into overtime. They had been up by 16 points at the beginning of the game. It was really the pits! Ella on the other hand, won again. She is crazy on the court. Nobody gets past her. She stands there at half court waiting for the other team to cross over. Then she uses the flailing arm technique. It is great. She is like a wild woman.

William has games about 3 times a week. They have lost most of their games this season. He has a great coach, though. He is having a good experience and is becoming a much better player.

Harrison spent several years playing on a winning team with a really amazing coach. This year has been a new team and coaches and some adjusting (i.e. only winning a couple of games this season). He loves to play.

For Christmas Ella got a new backboard to replace our broken one. She and Harrison spend hours outside practicing. I love to see them play together.

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