Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm Speechless...and that is saying something!

I have been given my first Award! Allison at RDHMOM has given me this EXCELLENT award. I am so stoked. Listen to what she said about me:
Cynthia for always having an sweet
comment for me. I love visiting her site, her adventures with her children are
to live through vicariously. She is an awesome mom!

It is really a bit silly how many times I have read this today, but I am so glad it came since I am having such a hard time with the Technology gods the last few days. This really has made my day. Thank you so much Allison!!!!!
In proper blog form, I will pass this along. I once told Pamela at the dust can wait that if I had an award I would give it to her because she helped me with several little technology issues. So now I have one, and I plan on giving it to you!
I also want to give it to Carrie because I actually won her contest. It was such an awesome moment. It was some of my funnest moments blogging.


Pamela said...

well - I'm so honored.
Thank you.

I'll take it (:

Carrie Sue said...

Thanks a million! That really made my day.

Alison said...

You are very welcome Cynthia!!!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Blogging friends are the best.

Laura McIntyre said...

Congrats on your award