Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Beginnings, but the same dumb mistake

So we had our Young Women's New Beginnings at church tonight. We tried to make it easy this year. All I had to do was hang shiny stars, wrap the Cd's that we got for the girls and buy the presents for the incoming girls. And do the narration for the program, but that is just reading, no sweat. So really all I have to do that will take any time are the shiny stars.

I decide to cut out the stars from aluminum foil. Please say that the way the Brits do, it sounds so much more exotic: ALUMINIUM. Heck, they may even spell it that way, I never paid attention. Anyway. Do not ever decide to cut stars from foil. NEVER. EVER. Got it? I spent hours doing it. My first plan was to just layer a bunch of foil and cut through it all at once. So I layered about 8 sheets, traced and cut. I did this about 6 times. So then I try to take these 48 stacks of stars and separate them and hang them. No dice. They are sealed together. If I can finally find a little spot that is separate it just rips when I try to pull it. I try sliding stuff under it. NADA.

So then I try cutting them individually. Did I mention how easily the stuff rips? It was a total nightmare.

But finally I prevailed and got about 30 cut.

All turned out well though. The night was great. Beautiful music, great program, wonderful girls and ice cream. Fun was had by all. And spiritual nourishment. Really. We used the Jenny Phillips music again this year. Go and visit her site. You will love her music. My girls have her Cd's and we have the sheet music. It is really hard to play. And hard to lead, trust me I know by experience! But it is wonderful to sing along to!
Oh, you are wondering where the pictures are? Me too. I brought my camera, but forgot to get it out. I wouldn't have had time to take any pics, anyway, so maybe it is better that I just forgot and didn't stress over trying to be the photographer also!

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Alice Wills Gold said...

I will make note to never try cutting out stars from foil, but I have to tell you that the first thing I would try is cutting stars out from cardboard and then covering them with foil...but, for all I know, there would be issues with this strategy too.

It is always fun to read about other mom's misadventures.....why do we do this to ourselves? We're those stars even noticed by a single person..tell me that they were!