Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Summary

*EDIT... I added another item, on Sunday night, and you don't want to miss this one. I put it first....

I am still recovering from Friday's Tag Team. So after taking yesterday off I am ready to start a new tradition here at the old family blog. doo doodoo (that is the sound of horns blowing)

Sunday Summary

I will give you a quick recap of the highlighter of the week before. My extended family is excited right now, thinking I will actually be posting something that will interest them. My blogging friends are thinking, great, a boring list of bragging about her kids. So here it goes:

  • **EDIT**Ella got to come home from school early on Friday. She called me from school to tell me that while they were taking a walking down the hall and the boy behind her threw up all over the back of her!!!! From the middle of her back down to her ankles!! I brought her a change of clothes, but after she changed I brought her home and had her take a shower. It was funny and gross. The teachers were bragging on Ella because she just kept telling B it was okay that he threw up on her. They said she was very mature and handled it very well. Ella would never want to make someone feel uncomfortable, even someone who throws up on her!

  • Harrison played his first tournament game yesterday. They lost in overtime. Again. But the highlight really is that he lost a contact on the way there and had to play with only one good eye. He missed every shot. And most passes. He kept overthrowing everything. He didn't think it was funny. And umm... neither did I. Really.

  • William and Rachel went the Stake Youth Planning Committee meeting yesterday. It should be a fun year for the youth, according to Rachel. She said they were supposed to keep the details a secret. I told her that was from the youth, I was a leader and would be told the details of everything. She wouldn't budge. So I did what any good mom would do, I went to William and got him to tell me the details.

  • After the meeting I took Rachel home and then came back to watch William at the dance. I mean to chaperon the dance. He danced every song with a different girl. I was really impressed. Then I found out that they challenged the members of the planning committee to dance 80% of the songs. William is a good kid. He does what he is asked to do! He also skipped his schools Homecoming game to be at the meeting and dance. I asked him several times if he was sure he wanted to miss it. So I am realizing how grateful I am for a son who picks his church responsibilities over sports! (Yes, the coach probably wouldn't have played him anyway, but he still chose to skip it!)

  • Ella starts a new book report this week. She loves the monthly book report assignments that her wonderful teacher Mrs. Lambert gives them. She is making a pop up report. It has to be over a folk tale or a fable. She chose The Tortoise and The Hare. She finished and turned in her poetry report last week. She had to memorize a poem and decided to memorize one that she wrote herself. She wrote it in a card for me a few years ago. Here it is:

Dear Mother

Dear Mother, Dear Mother
Stop churning butter
Now go take a rest
We'll all be our best
You'll have cookies and pies
We won't tell any more lies
I know you don't like the dogs
At least they're not hogs
We won't break any more lamps with the ball
It was worth it after all

By Ella

  • William and I went to a baptism yesterday. A very sweet 18 year old boy was baptised. He went to the dance last night and it was fun to see him have so much fun. There are a lot of good kids out there, but the bad ones give all teenagers a bad name!

  • The girls and I went to scrap booking club Friday night. Don't think that means that I actually own a scrapbook, cause I don't. I go and talk to Michelle and Lucy scrapbooks. Rachel takes care of any babies that are toddling around and Ella and Molly visit or make crafty things with all the Stampin' Up and Creative Memories stuff that is laying around. This week I actually brought a blanket so I could continue the nap I had been taking at home but we didn't have a key to the family history library, so we met in the Young Women's room and there is no couch in there. I was so sad. I just sat on a hard chair wrapped in a blanket. I took some pics, too. I am scared to try and download pics after last weeks fiasco.


Ben said...

Well said Ella!

Nekked Lizard Man said...

You have been quite busy. And sounds like Ella may need to wear pants, perhaps GorTex or some other plastic wear, just in case the incident happens again (hope not). And I am thinking (hoping) this is an isolated incident - but great composure. NLM

Chrys said...

If that had been me. That would have started a domino effect and I would have thrown up all over the person ahead of me. (note to self: being the last in line, isn't always a bad thing)

Laura McIntyre said...

Great idea, and way to go Ella handled it much better than i would of