Friday, February 15, 2008

Date Night

Today Adrian took the boys to Gatlinburg to go skiing. Lucy and Rachel had a babysitting job. That meant I would get to spend the afternoon with Ella and Molly. What should we do? Well, if I wasn't so tired I would post the amazing pictures we took while we took a lazy walk on the Greenway along the river. We had such a fun time. We enjoyed the river and the trees and the flowers (Yes, FLOWERS!) and the wierd squirrel that we are sure actually fell out of a tree. We couldn't find him, but he actually fell!

We ate dinner at McDonald's. It cost me $6. Really. We are such unsavvy McDonalds people. The girl was tring to take our order and we didn't know what we wanted and she asked Molly, "What do you normally order?" Molly said, "We don't ever come here."

SAD! My poor kids. We have been to Mcdonald's. We just usually go through the drive thru cause we are usually on a road trip. We finally got some chicken sandwiches and apple dippers. We ate in the Playplace so they could play. Molly was thinking that they hadn't been in there since her 5th birthday. Or maybe her 4th. I think she has been in there since then with her Papa. But I don't really know. Anyway, you are getting the idea that we were trying to do something novel and different. Molly went down the slide once. Ella decided she didn't want to. We left. Another 2 years and we will be ready to go back!

Then we went and bought candy and went to the movies! As you can see from the pic we saw The Spiderwick Chronocles. It was diferent in a lot of ways from the book, but that didn't hurt it in anyway. It was very intense and exciting. We gave it 3 thumbs up. Ella liked how teh mom didn't help at all and that kids were the heroes. I liked the special effects. Nick Nolte played teh Ogre. And he is creepy. In real life. It was good casting! Molly was most amazed by how she saw kids smaller than herself looking so perky and playful after the movie ended. She and Ella were both exhausted and ready for bed. It ended at 8:50. They go to bed early! Ella slept till 10:15 this morning, so youthink she would have had more energy! It really blew her away when I pointed out the kids going in for the 9:15 show. I agree with her, I would not be able to watch a movie that late at night.

All in all a very fun date with my sweet "little" girls. They aren't really that little but will always have that moniker since it differentiates them from the "big" girls.

Okay, so what movies have you all seen that you recommend? I don't watch R rated movies and I usually find a reason to avoid PG 13 also. Though I am planning on watching Elizabeth, Umm.. I think it is Elizabeth Warrior Queen? I put it in the Netflix Queue. Has anyone seen it? I'm afraid I am a sucker for anything that is remotely related to Jane Grey and since Elizabeth was her cousin I want to give it a go.

Oh, and here is one for my British friends. I just found copies of the show 'Allo, 'Allo on Netflix. It was my fave show in 11th grade. Do you remember this show? What did you think of it?


Michelle said...

We just watched STARDUST last night after we got home from our date. Trad put it on our queue but I didn't think I was going to like it judging from the description. [It is a fantasy/mythological type movie.]

But it was wonderful!! It is pg-13 but I didn't think it was terribly bad. I didn't hear any bad words. There was some violence, but not scary violence [does that make sense??][Like one guy got his throat cut with a sword, but since he was a prince he had "blue blood"] Very creative. :) I missed the first few minutes of the movie so there could have been something there, but otherwise I thought it was okay.

-Ann said...

We saw "Juno" yesterday. I really loved it - it was a very sweet and funny movie.

The nearest movie theatre is 20 miles away, so we don't really go that often. Two weeks ago we saw "Cloverfield", which is fun if you're into monster movies.

And the last time we went to see a movie before that was October, when we went to see "Ratatouille". (Yeah, sometimes European release dates are months after the American ones.)

Laura McIntyre said...

It sounds like a lovely day, i can only imagine how much your girls enjoyed it.
Funny about McDonald's, we have never taken either of my girls are don't really plan to

As for Allo, Allo can i honestly say i have never seen more than a minute of it . I think it was before my time (don't i sound young) but just not my type of show anyways