Monday, February 18, 2008

Pictures from our date

*************SCROLL DOWN FOR FUN MONDAY*********

Life in our family is just like a walk in the park. Here are the pictures to prove it. Since Blogger only lets you upload 5 at a time I decided to pick my favorite 5 and just post them today.
Here is a picture of the dam. Ella thought that it was beautiful the way you could see the reflections of the trees and sunset in the water.

Molly being a cutie patootie

Ella and Molly posing

The sun set while we were walking and I shot this of the railroad tracks as we left. I like the spooky haunted look that they have.


Carrie Sue said...

LOL, because you crack me up I'll include you, too, but can I do yours last? Let me know :)

Alison said...

great photos..I like the last one is very ethereal!!

Alice Wills Gold said...

WOW. I need to get out of Knoxville. Or learn how to take better pics :)

Chrys said...

very kewl pics