Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sunday Summary

Is it Sunday again already? I am so behind on my life. That could be the whole summary this week.
1. Cynthia didn't get a dang thing done again this week.
Okay, I did get stuff done but I am not sure if I have moved two steps ahead or 762 backwards. I did get the sewing machine carried in from the back of teh Suburban. I took it to the repair shop about 4 weeks ago. So I am that much closer to getting William's patches sewn on his new Scout shirt that he got for Christmas. That is really kind of pitiful. Let me try and raise my self esteem by listing some things that we did this week that really are worthwhile.

1. Ella played in 2 winning games. next game ,Monday. When they lose the season is over. Will they go all the way?
2. We watched Mr. Smith Goes To Washington tonight. It was as great as I remember. Patriotic, romantic, funny, poignant. Harrison mocked my movie choice the whole time we were watching. That kid wouldn't know a good movie if it hit him over the head with a lightsabre!
3. Lucy and Rachel went horse back riding today. They have been on a horse before but not actually on a ride. One hour trail ride. They said it was great fun.
4. We have been passing around several nasty viruses this week. It actually started last week, but it was so much fun to have sore throats or headaches or diarrhea or vomiting that we decided to keep them this week. Maybe next week we will all feel better.
5. we ended the dreaded diet today. Yes, we made it from Monday all the way until Saturday morning. We both lost 9 pounds and hope to find it again very soon. We are sorry if it has come for a visit at your house, I am sure we will claim it again in the near future.
6. We upgraded our Netflix account. Riveting information, I know.
7. I started a blog dedicated toWilliam's Eagle Project. I would post a link but I ahve not put anything on it yet. It just has a name. Maybe next week...
8. Adrian and I went to a Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting today at church. It was really great. They emphasized, again, the importance of families and their eternal role in the plan of happiness. I am grateful to get to be a part of our family and that I am aware of the eternal role of families.
9. William had his last season game Friday night. He warmed up with his team and about 3 minutes before the game started headed tothe locker room. he had felt bad all day and to use his words he needed to "get reaquanted with teh toilet." We went home as teh game was starting.
10. I taught English lessons on Thursday. I had not been teaching them lately, but we seem to be back on track.
That is all we could think of this week.


-Ann said...

Nine pounds in a week? That's amazing. Is that just you or was that between the both of you?

I'm lucky if I can lose 1/2 a pound a week.

ChrisB said...

I sometimes get to the end of a week and wonder what I achieved. I think we probably do more than we realise.
BTW the weight loss is brilliant you must feel so pleased!

I have posted my meme!

swampy said...

I wish I could lose 9 ounces!
Want to know what I've accomplished this weekend?
I'm learning to play the guitar and drums on Rock Band. No one will let me get close to the microphone to sing.
That's next.

Alice Wills Gold said...

YES you indeeed accomplish a lot last, I should sit down and really think about what I got done..I may feel a little more productive.