Monday, February 25, 2008

Name ideas from the slogan generator

Look below at the slogan generator. It is really fun. I entered Tennessee first and let it give me about 15 slogans before I switched to inputting "Mom". Here are a couple of my favorites.

That's handy, Harry! Stick it in Tennessee

It's that Tennessee feeling

I can't believe I ate the whole Tennessee

I am no closer to making a decision about my name. Now I have more names I like rather than narrowing it down. Most of the advice I have gotten has been to pick something personal. I would like to think of something that we say around the house a lot. Maybe an insider joke. I guess we are not that funny Oh, I am having an epiphany. I always feel Catholic when I say epiphany. Anyway, I think I should somehow draw into my name my greatest daily struggle. It isn't actually great it is awful. Dinner. Not really dinner but the act of convincing certain people in the house that I am not trying to poison them. Maybe I should call this thing Eat Your Dinner! If I have it written at the top of my blog then maybe I wouldn't have to say it so often.

Or maybe some kind of alliteration with Cynthia. All you great poets and writers and middle school teachers think of something that goes with Cynthia.

Cynthia's Snapshots of Life

Succinctly Cynthia

So Cynthia

Oh, if I was a sewing blog I could be Sew Cynthia

****(Head hitting desk... Cynthia going crazy...why am I even worrying about this?)


Alice Wills Gold said...

I like eat your dinner.

How about It's dinnertime in TN.

Good luck..I still am with you about keeping it personal.

Katie said...

I like Eat your dinner, too! lol.

Lil Mouse said...

TN river, Mountain woman...

High and Tight (or dry) in TN

Heartland Hoedown

Country days and city nights

small down saturday night?

JanMary said...


I like Undercover Mother.

Great blog ...I'll be back!

Nekked Lizard Man said...

Without knowing more about you, your quirks, hometown mascot or local dives - it would be hard to give you a proper name. Do you live in the mountains? You might call it "Mountain something.... Dew, Shadows, Passions, Shadows, etc. If you have a family pet, you could go with "Gopher Grits and Monkey Hips" a long state tradition... - there has to be a song in there somewhere...
What about "Escaping Reality," coz my kids won't parole..." Well, if you think any of those might work or if you find my suggestions somewhat helpful, come by our site and I will offer more - coz my wife says I am full of it. Good Luck - I will check back...
Oh and as an added bonus, I bet Nekked Lizard Lady can create a banner for you too, just for being you. See ya! ;NLM

Rachel said...

I have a inside joke that might make a good blog name

Good one Timmy

Alison said...

I am unable to vote...but I like your name!!! Just wanted to put my 2 cents in!!