Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sunday Summary

Another week has flown by. Here is a quick rundown of the highlights:

1. Ella was voted All-Star by the coaches of the other teams in her league. This was a very exciting moment in her sporting career!

2. On Friday the boys went skiing in Gatlinburg. Everyone came home in one piece and Adrian was again reminded that his body is getting older. And sorer. And fatter. He is sitting next to me and added that. He really has blog envy but is too shy to have his own. He says he is not too shy, just too smart. Feel free to leave BOLD comments for him at the bottom of this post! He's of the opinion that you should keep your dirty laundry to yourself. So my question to him is why doesn't it bother him when he has on dirty clothes?

He has gotten up to pace around so we can get back to the juicy details of our life!

3. We had 2 snow days this week. And Friday was a holiday. And Monday. A 6 day weekend. It has so rocked!

4. Today I went to a Visiting Teacher luncheon at church. It was really great. They spent a lot of time planning it and it showed. The talks were very motivational and the food was yummy.

5. In case you missed the post about Rachel's new blog, you need to go and vist it. Thank you Allison for visiting and leaving a comment. Rachel was running and jumping through the house about how Berkeley had been on and how she had gotten a comment from someone named Allison, but not her friend, Alyson. She was going crazy with excitement!

6. William was home sick a lot this week. He felt really rough. Harrison was sick Sunday and Monday also. we seem to finally be well. Let's hope we stay this way!

7. William will turn 16 on Tuesday!!!! Since he had this long weekend Adrian wanted to go and get him his birthday present Wednesday night. So we hopped in the car and told him we needed to get some stuff for the ski trip. As we passed the display with Rock Band on it, Adrian said, "How about we get this tonight?" It was great, William was speechless! He just grinned and carried that big box through the store while Harrison bought a wrist rocket and Rachel tried on shoes. and now we are one rockin' family!

8. With school out so much this week, we have stayed home and played a lot. Not a very interesting week, but we had fun, fun, fun!

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Chrys said...

YEAH for William. I bet he is thrilled with his gift! You two are awesome. You had a busy fun week. I am sorry your family has been sick. It got spencer, aden and I. That's half our family. Hopefully, no one else will get it.
congrats to Ella, that is a huge achievement.