Wednesday, February 20, 2008

possessed dog

Does anyone know any "cold shower" ideas for a dog? THe neighbors have a corgi in heat and Bandit has figured out how to get in their fence. Since being a good neighbor is one of my main goals in life, (stop laughing. I can neighborly. Or at least pleasant. STOP LAUGHING!) I am trying to keep Bandit in until she is done or until I get him to the vet.

But he is DRIVING US CRAZY!!!!

Whining and barking and pacing around. He is a dog possessed. Anyone have any ideas?


Alison said...

get him will solve the problem!!

-Ann said...

Yeah, that's the only way to stop that problem. How old is Bandit? It sounds like you are planning to get him neutered. Is there any reason why you have to wait?

ChrisB said...

Buy him a blow up dog!!!

Alice Wills Gold said...

No idea...but I am laughing so hard! Good luck!

Lil Mouse said...

umm its their friggin dog so they should stay out with it while its in heat to keep him off? neuter.. umm.. spray him with a water hose?

that's all i've got. sorry.

Michelle said...

Tell him to think about his mom or sister and he should cool off! :)

BTW~Your wish is my command! (Manda posted some pics of Carlee)