Saturday, February 9, 2008

futile fabric search or why wal-mart sucks

I purchased the fabric to make the apron for the Sassy Apron Swap. This caused a Friday morning panic attack. A few weeks ago we were in a town 50 miles away. This is the closest town to us that has a store besides Wal-Mart. I do not go to this town very often since it is 50 miles away. One way. It would be an all day adventure and would cost some serious cash in gas money. So while in this town I went to HobbyLobby to look at fabric for the apron. After looking at about the 10th good fabric choice my head started to hurt and the fabrics began to all look the same. So I decided to just use a few solid colors and put pretty embelishments on it. Some cute ribbon, buttons, rickrack, etc. So I decide to purchase this at my local Wal-Mart since the prices were lower than Hobby Lobby.

Fast forward to yesterday morning. i drop the kids at school and head to Wal-Mart. I walk to the very opposite back corner of teh store and am greeted with 3 racks of fabric. And a very large empty area. Sort of a void that really was screaming, "FILL ME!" So I ask the nice lady, "umm ma'am? Where are the 5 other racks of fabric. Especially the one that is covered with seasonal fabric. i.e. SPRING FABRIC?" she said, "Sold it all." This is going to take too many quotes like this so I will cut to the chase. THey are closing the fabric dept. Yep. I will know have to travel 50 miles one way to get a yard of fabric. It will be cheaper for me to shop an etsy shop now. I finally found 5 fabrics that were springy. 5! They had no solid fabric left. I got two yards of one and a yard of another. I have been freaking out about this anyway and the fabric nightmare has not helped.

The fabric I got is flowery. I like it. The main part of the apron will be made with it. Then I got a blue and white polka dot to be the pockets and the ties and some pink rickrack. I hope my partner is not mortified at my sewing. It has to be mailed out by March 1. I would like to actually have it done this week.

If the woman who has my name reads this post let me tell you that you have the most humble partner and your work is being compared to some very sustandard sewing (mine) so please know I will be very grateful for whatever you send my way! Really.


-Ann said...

I'm about to drive 40 miles one-way for a driving lesson so I can finally pass my driving test over here (yes, I know, the irony kills me), so I feel your pain on the traveling-far-distances-for-necessities thing.

I know fabric is a tactile thing that you want to see before you buy, but could you buy it online anywhere?

Michelle said...

When the store remodels, toys is moving to the fabric corner and losing 100 feet of space. That is a whole aisle and half of another one. I am wondering what they are going to be adding in place of the toys and fabrics??

I think they are shooting themselves in the foot. They are the only place for toys/fabrics in this town. Seems kida stupid to me!

Michelle said...

You inspired me to write a new post! Check it out, let me know what you think, and tell all your friends!! :)

Alice Wills Gold said...

I heard that WM was going to do that, but the clerk here in Knoxville said it was just a rumor.

Sorry for your misfortune. Wal-Mart doesn't understand that us busy moms need them to have what we need when we need it! What are they thinking?

Good luck with your apron swap..I am not even attempting, and you are most definitely ahead of me!