Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sunday Summary

A recap of our week. In no particular order.

  • Harrison's ball season ended Tuesday night. It was not a winning season. There is always next year. Ella is still in the tournament, they lost tonight, though. Now they will have to fight their way up the loser's bracket. Tonights team had every one of our plays written down in a play book. They could stop us at every turn. Kinda competetive for 9 year olds I thought. Oh, and Ella fouled out of Friday nights game. She's kinda competetive, too!

  • Molly has been sick off and on all week. Is it strep? We have not yet had to go to the doctor since we left corporate insurance that paid everything. How sick is sick enough to go and pay all that money to find out they have a virus and they will get better on their own in a few days?

  • Will Mitt be able to pull of a victory? Super Tuesday is this next week. We will be voting early and often. Umm... oh, I don't live in Chicago anymore. Here we just vote once.

  • Harrison went on his first Temple trip. All 4 big kids and Adrian went. The little girls and I ate pizza and watched 3 episodes of The Rifleman. Yes, the one from the fifties starring Chuck Connor.

  • Our dear Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley passed this week.

  • Pebbles had puppies on Friday. They will be ready to sell as soon as we return from Disneyworld. So everyone start planning now for that Maltese pup you have been dreaming of getting. You can put it in your Easter basket!

  • Spell check is not working on Blogger. Are you all sick of my typos and misspellings? I know I am!

  • William had Hayden over today to play paintball. And to work on the archway for his Eagle project. Harrison helped them. More to come later on all that.

  • Ella had her first piano lesson on Monday. Adrian pointed out that we now pay more per week in music lessons than William's private school tuition.


Michelle said...

Can you post a Sunday summary on Saturday?? I don't think that is allowed. :)

Cynthia said...

Michelle, I am going to give you a goat to clean up that fence row.

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

We've gotten two phone calls from Mitt today. Such a nice guy on the phone. Sounds like you have cycles of craziness, too. the older you get the more you appreciate the down times.

gretchen said...

Thanks for the recap. I feel like I was getting lost trying to keep up. I liked all the points.
Leave it to A. to point out the money part. Hopefully it will be worth the tuition in piano lessons in the long run.
I'm glad your spell check is broke. Mine was for a long time until I got a new laptop!
I sure hope Molly moo is ok. I am sorry she's been sick. Don't you wish they made strep test for home.
Hey we should let A invent that!!
Have a great Sunday.

Alison said...

sounds like you had a fun and busy week!!!