Thursday, February 7, 2008

Little House of my Dreams!

I want to live in this house. Very, Very much. I will probably never spend the money to have it built. We are not money spenders. We are money savers. Not that we have a lot of money, there is not a lot to save after 8 people get through living each month. I have this bizarre desire to live like Jane Austen. Or Nellie Olson. Notice I didn't say Laura Ingalls. I don't actually want my life to be hard. Just a little more simple. I wish there was a way to raise normal kids while never leaving the house. I know some of you out there are trying to do this. I have my fingers crossed for you. BUT... I don't think it will work very well. I guess I would like to leave the house to go to the library. I can't get every book that I want through the online library.

I think a lot of the problem with wanting this house is that I don't need a different house. I am a big one for only getting things when you need them. This is not because I have a strong desire to save the environment or anything like that. It is just my environment. When I have more, I have more to take care of. More clothes=more laundry. More bathrooms=more bathrooms to be cleaned. I really try to follow the advice of this bloggers mom. "When you start to buy something first decide where you will store it. And how much time it will take to clean it. And will it improve your families time together or take away from it?" I may have expanded her advice, but I think about this a lot. My possessions do not bring me happiness, my family does. So I get a little cranky with things that pull my family apart. That is one of the reasons we left Girl Scouts, but that is a story for another day.

Now that I have rambled on in no particular direction I will get back to my point. This house is beautiful and so "me". And it doesn't hurt to sit and think about sitting in the keeping room of this house with my grandkids around me (I am hoping I will have 36 grandkids!) while I read them a story.

Just an idea...


Alice Wills Gold said...

I understand EVERYTHING you are saying.

I would love to go back to simple also. I would even take Laura Ingalls.

I also love anything Colonial.

I also don't want my family to be running around from thing to thing in the car all of the time.

We don't need more - we need less.

I understand why my mom would never let us join The Girl Scouts. I learned my strength and independence at home.

Alison said...

I like that house too Cynthia...and it only costs $3!! what a bargain!! I could picture that house on a few acres with rolling hills and horses in the pasture...ahh...heaven!!

I have a little something for you...come on over for some coffee!!

gretchen said...

it almost looks like a church!!
Grandkids....what are those? I think I'll be some where on some island when those come along...or at the looney hospital!

Patience-please said...

Hi Cynthia and thanks for coming to visit. We moved from a small house on a farm to a big house in a city. You are SO right about MORE to clean. It takes me two 8 hour days and my back sings to me when I'm done...
You have a very nice blog!

all the best-

swampy said...

Love that house. Once uponce a time, that house was in my dreams...or one very much like it. Now that I live in CO, I have dreams of a log cabin.
OK, DAHHHHHLING, check youu little widget thingy and see if you can tell where I'm coming to you from this morning.

april said...


I edited my post, just for you dahling. I'm sorry I forgot about you, you poor neglected thang.

Now, the classic colonial was the inspiration for the house Clay and I were designing to build before we bought our old house. I love a simple structure.

I also love my little house. Two bathrooms to clean, is a breeze, but I wouldn't mind cleaning a third just for me.

Laura McIntyre said...

I love simple, mind you we have a small two bedroom/one bathroom apartment and cannot wait for a bigger place to clean. With 2 almost 3 kids it just seems like a disaster

rachel said...

I really like the house of your dreams!!!!