Monday, February 18, 2008

We like Valentine's Day

The night before Valentine's the kids ecorated and set the table. We normally do a big breakfast, but William had school so we decided to do a fancy dinner. I tried to make something that everyone would be happy with. That means making several different things, since besides Dominoes there really isn't anything that everyone likes. So we had BBQ baked chicken, baked potatoes, mac and cheese and yummy bread.

Another weird thang about us. Here are our Valentine Boxes. One for each family member. We exchanged Valentines before dinner and then opened them after dinner.

We do not feel costained to give eachother traditional Valentines. We had some beautiful cards, but also received cotton candy(from me), balloons(from William) and lemon meringue pie(from Ella). Drinking milk from champagne flutes is kind of hard. Each swallow emptied the glass and then it had to be refilled.
I have to brag about the cotton candy (you may know it is cotton floss?) I bought it in mid-January on the Christmas clearance rack for .25 cents a piece. Total bargain. and such a treat. We normally only even see it for sale at the fair in September.This sure made me wonder. Was I third choice? Did the first two women he tried to give it to reject it? Actually, I can tell that Molly was in charge of wrapping this. It was a DVD of Pride and Prejudice. YIPEE!!! Mr. Darcy is my secret boyfriend.

The carnage that we left. We had to run as soon as we finished to be to church by 6:30 for a baptism. A family of 3 was baptised!! What a fun Valentine's Day!


ChrisB said...

I enjoyed seeing your Valentine's day photos, glad you had a good time :)

Chrys said...

You had a great dinner! I love it! I want ella to bake me a pie too! If I were there, there would be no pie left over! I would have brought a peice to go! I love your pics and I am a definite bargain shopper too.

kelly bee said...

mr. darcy is EVERYONE'S secret boyfriend! :)

Alice Wills Gold said...

I got that same cotton candy at the same price :)

I love it that you went all out...what a great memory maker you are. It was all just beautiful!

Katie said...

That is a great tradition! I think I'd like to start something like that for our family as well.