Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I am still wearing the tag me sign on my back!

*****Before I start this I have a question. Is anyone else having trouble with Spell Check on Blogger? It will not work for me. I have tried accessing my account from 2 different computers and I get nuttin' when I click the little ABCCheckMark.****

I have been tagged by Katie. She has a decorating business that you can get to by clicking here. (Hope your business soars, Katie!) She is an adoptive mom, and if any of you read this you will know how much that makes me wanna give her a pinch and a squeeze. Figuratively, of coarse.

So here goes. This is going to be pretty bad, I honestly do not have answers to a lot of these!

4 Jobs I've Had:
1. I worked at Subway for a week when I was in college. And then they wanted me to work on the weekend and I wanted to got out of town to a friends parents house. The nerve. I am afraid I had to quit a place with such unfair practices!
2. I was a daycare worker a couple afternoons a week. College again. WAAAY too stressful to be there when they told me to. (Anyone seeing a pattern here?)
3. After I had my 4th baby I decided to go and get a job at a Daycare that was opening in our little town. They hired me and since they offered free child care for employees I thought, this is great. I get paid to be with my kids and we get two free meals a day. After I was hired and another girl, that had 4 kids still pre-school age, they decided that they could only pay for 2 kids per family for free. Once we did the math I was going to have to pay $10 a week to work there. So after 6 weeks (when they made the change) I had to quit again. I think I would have stayed there for a while if they hadn't changed the perks.
4. I have subbed in my kids classrooms the last few years, but I have not done it this year. I have to get up so early to actually get dressed for the day and be ready to go so we are not late. I am SOOO lazy!
Hey, I have a number 5!

5. I teach English to Japanese women here in my little town that has two Japanese owned companies. We actually spend a lot of our class time cooking for each other, but we have fun and since some of them have a tendency to not speak ANY English all week except when they are with me, I think they benefit.

4 Movies I've watched over and over:
Ummm. I am not a TV/Movie person. I own a few movies, so I have watched them a few times, but not over and over. I will go a month or more without looking at the TV.
1. Sense and Sensibility
2.The Work and the Glory
3.ergh... I am out of ideas. I did ask for Pride and Predjudice from my husband for Valentine's Day and since he called me from Wal-Mart tonight to ask what movie it was that I wanted, I am pretty sure he got it. I have seen it twice. and will watch it again, so that can be my number 3.

4 Places I Have Lived:

1. New Jersey, two different times, 3 different towns

2. Illinois, 2 times

3. Hong Kong

4. Nebraska. Yes, I was a Cornhusker. But I never went to a game. And I didn't graduate. I guess I should put graduate college on my bucket list. But I only want to graduate so I can be the head librarian and control the library. I like to be in control, it is NOT a "good thing"

4 Shows I Watch:I believe we covered this in Number 4, and we don't have any kind of broadcast TV. Yup, no cable, no satellite, no antenna even. I do have some DVD's of TV shows, though.
1. The Avengers. I own the complete Emma Peel set. She is the coolest. A catsuit in every episode. And then there is Mr. Steed. Harrison wants his Bowler and Umbrella. We have found the umbrella for sale. It costs a fortune.
2. I like Little House on the Prarie
3. Lucy has all of the I Love Lucy series on DVD and we have watched those quite a bit.

4 Places I've Been:
1. London
2. Jakarta
3. Manilla
4. Kathmandu

4 People Who E-mail Me Regularly:
1. Mrs. Lambert, Ella's teacher
2. I send myself a bunch of emails. When i am on Adrian's computer and see something I like I send myself an email so I can investigate further. That is really lame, isn't it?
3. My daughters like to forward stuff to me. (Lucy, Rachel, and Ella. Molly does not have email yet, but she talks about it!)
4. Deseret Book

4 Favorite Things to Eat:
1. Pudding
2. Chicken Salad
3. Ice cream with no artificial stuff in it. I am not a health freak by any stretch, but I get completely grossed out by ice cream that melts and looks funny. I am kind of Breyers or nothing
4. Skim milk. I love skim milk. If it has ave 1/2 percent milk fat I think it tastes gross. And the milk in Hong Kong tasted gross. It was really sad for me there. But I like VitaSoy, which is even more popular than cows milk there, so I was okay.

4 Places I'd Rather Be:
1. Asleep. I love sleep. I have Apnea and I do not sleep so well.
2. In a cottage in Wales
3. In a house without acres and acres to stress me out. Really, it is the mud that comes with the acres. I so do not like dirt.
4. ???

4 Things I Look Forward To This Year:
1. Finishing the bathroom
2.finishing the screened in porch
3. finishing the new laundry room( I am going to have a luandry room!!!)
4. having the heart to let my husband see those 3 things above since I will just watch as he works his tail off doing those things. He is such a WONDERFUL husband!

I almost forgot to tag somebody. So I am going to tag:

AOJ and the Lurchers cause she mentioned that she is Welsh and has LIVED in Cardigan. OH MY GOSH!!!

Ms. Cellania Cause she has been in Wales.

-Ann at For The Long Run cause she lives in Ireland but I think she used to live in the next town over from me in Illinois.


-Ann said...

Sure, I'll play. I don't think I've done this one before. I lived in Wheaton - where were you?

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

I'll play too!!

ChrisB said...

It may take me a few days but I will play along~ I've done bits of this in other memes.

As for the spell check when I used Safari spell check didn't work but now I've changed to Firefox no problem~ which is probably no use to you at all!

Alice Wills Gold said...

I think we should all boycott until they get that spell check working again.

Lil Mouse said...

yeah stupid blogger wont spell check.. i hate that!

Katie said...

Well, thank you, Ms. Cynthia!!! For being tagged, that is. And referencing my business.. and my blog...and hello...if'n ya want to discuss the adoption thing further, I hereby offer Gretchen to give you my home number. I even researched, for a minute, adopting from Vietnam.