Monday, February 18, 2008

Fun Monday

The Fun Monday assignment:

Every day as I go to work, I see things around me that
make me laugh. Usually these are in the forms of signs. So take your camera with
you as you go about your business and take a picture of the things that make you
laugh along the way (but it doesn't necessarily HAVE to be a sign).

I could not think of anything to post for Fun Monday. I even left a comment last night telling her to take me off the list. Well, now I have thought of something. I don't have a pic, but since people are comeing here looking for Fun Monday, I thought I would post this.

I live in the self proclaimed Nursery Capital of teh world. And along the road at one of these nurseries there is a series of signs. They are lined up with about 300 yards between them. Here is what they say:

There are three things a man should do in life.

Love God.

Love his wife.

Plant a tree.

I have the tree.

Now go to Sayre's site and see what funny signs people have around their houses. I have looked. THey are really funny!


Faye said...

Oh, I guess you'd call that a low key ad! Very funny! Would probably enjoy shopping at this nursery.

Sayre said...

Those are great! Kind of like the old Burma Shave signs. I wish there were more like that around.

ChrisB said...

I wasn't sure if there were supposed to be photos with these!!

Alison said...

I like that!! I think I would stop and buy a tree!!

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I like a low pressure sales approach!

ellen b said...

Ha! that is very clever advertizing!

janet said...


Mariposa said...

Cool entry! ;)

Celeste said...

I agree....very clever advertising.

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

Very wise advise. I like that sign.