Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sunday Summary

Maybe I should call this Weekend Update like they do on Saturday Night Live. Of course I have not seen SNL in years, so maybe I don't want to be associated with that show. I am drawing a blank on what to talk about this week.


Oh, here we go:

1. Ella gave her 4H Demonstration this week. Have I mentioned that she was voted 4H President of her class? Well, she was. She decided to give her demonstration on how to go frog gigging. What? Never been frog gigging? Me either! She did a great job. Adrian went to watch her and to carry the gig in and out of school since it is very much like a weapon. Okay, it is not like a weapon, it is a weapon! She had wanted to cook frog legs for everyone to sample but seeing how it is winter, she couldn't get any in the wild and I wouldn't have any idea where to buy them.

2. William turned 16 this week. I tried to do a birthday post with baby pics and all that but I am too much of a computer dork. You will have to just trust me when I say that he was a beautiful baby. Today he celebrated by going to a local comic book store that has an Xbox room in the back. You can play on a 135 inch projection TV. They said it was great. Then they played paintball on a coarse that they built in the woods. They were muddy and laughing when they got done, so it must have been fun, right? Rachel has posted birthday pictures.

3. Adrian sold the house out at Teakwood. Yippee. Now he only has two houses besides the one we live in. He has his eye on another one, though. He loves him some real estate!

4. I made a new recipe. You can find it here. Not only did I make it but most people in my family liked it. Some even loved it. Ella came running into the office to tell me she wanted to give her comments to the chef cause it was so good. UMM, do you mean compliments? Yes, whatever, I love it!

5. Lucy had her bottom braces removed. She is now braces free. And can't stop smiling.

6. Harrison participated in a Halo tournament tonight and came in third out of about 20 kids. The kid has skills!

7. Molly won the bingo game this week at her class Valentine party. (it got snowed out on Valentine's Day)

There, I think I mentioned all of us. Now go to bed people. It is late and church is in the morning.

PS: How happy does it make everyone that my very good friend spellcheck is back on blogger? Yes, I love spellcheck. It saves you and me from having to read the spelled teh. Cause I always typo that word. You may have noticed.



lucy said...

Hey, Mom, I got my braces off 2!

ChrisB said...

It's a good way to give a weekly update. The birthday photos look good and so does the soup!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Yeah for spell checker...i typo everything!