Saturday, February 16, 2008

Make way for another generation of blogger

After my daughter started putting secret posts on my cooking blog I decided she needed her own blog. Of coarse I never look at my cooking blog cause I am a slacker, so really I was the only one that didn't know she was posting over there. Not really secret posts. Go and check her out in all her teenage glory!


Just Courtney said...

Congratulations to Ella for her All Star vote! That is just awesome! No snow days here, but my kids are out for this coming week. I love that time. The rush rush of life kind of slows when they aren't in school. Oh, and tell Adrian that blogging is free therapy for us! He should just jump in like I did!

Chrys said...

I loved that she posted over there. I hope you keep adding to your recipe bin, if that won't motivate you, how about being an author on ours? YOu need to post at least one picture and the recipe that you have eaten or tried.

Laura McIntyre said...

Your such a proud mummy aren't you? Will go and check it out